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Special Character is a unique studio designed to build world changing projects.
We choose projects that enhance and disrupt the current models.



From consumer products, web design to blockchain projects, we provide services every step of the way, from concept to final product and ongoing support.


Building the tools and infrastructure for corporations to design, build and execute on AI and Generative AI projects.


Ensuring that the culture and ethos of the organization is felt in every aspect of the project.

app development

Building the next generation of APIs for rapid prototyping and App development.


Special Character builds authentication software for use in real world events, clubs and membership zones.


We build custom tools that simplifies the payment process for FIAT, Credit Card, blockchain tokens, Bank Transfers...
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Sample Projects

Value-Based Tech

Transparency, authenticity and courage drive our agenda. Together we create open, trusting organizations. Our objective is to create new standards, changing the way business is conducted.


Honesty and transparency are built into the core of our studio. We are straight forward with our clients, and ensure that the projects we are involved in are open and transparent with theirs. 


We help our clients ask, ‘Why does this project enhance our space, our community and the world?’ We begin with the why, and build projects always connected to the real world (IRL). 


Our team is a mix of successful entrepreneurs - we are used to challenging what is ’normal’ and figuring out where our studio can cause the most impact - in strategy, design, technology or other domains.

Forgetting the Old Boundaries

We help real-world companies embrace and utilize technology (AI, blockchain & more) to enhance their current services and offerings.
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Our Cause & Outreach

All of our projects are involved in social change: Positively impacting our communities, whether through donations, partnerships, or directly supporting those in need. It is core to everything we do.
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Our vertical capabilities and experienced team allow us to handle any project from concept to launch and everything in between
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Master Distiller
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The Brain
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Master Blender
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Psychedelic Master
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The PsychoHistorian
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The Futurist
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Technology is Everywhere

In 1958, Yves Klein burst onto the art scene with Le Vide, a work in which he simply emptied a gallery interior and painted it entirely white.
Following the show’s success, the French artist then took the idea one step further — by giving collectors the chance to purchase a series of non-existent and entirely conceptual spaces in exchange for a weight of pure gold.
A handful of buyers took him up on the offer. And now, almost 60 years after Klein’s death, one of the receipts he wrote to prove ownership of his invisible artworks is up for sale, with auction house Sotheby’s estimating that it could fetch up to 500,000 euros ($551,000).
Measuring less than 8 inches wide, the receipt grants ownership of one of Klein’s imaginary spaces, which he dubbed a “Zones of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility.” Designed to resemble a banker’s check, it is signed by the artist and dated to December 7, 1959.
Full body portrait of Yves Klein wearing a grey suit, and a picture of the receipt he wrote to prove ownership of the worlds first "nft".


Special Character is a unique studio built to simplify the technology space in order to build world changing projects.

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